New York Travel Destinations

Top 5 Places to Visit in New York State

1. New York – The Big Apple is definitely one of the most popular and important cities in the United States and probably in the world. This City that Never Sleeps is definitely the epitome of an always buzzing, dynamic, hectic, eclectic, and full of life cosmopolitan city that boasts endless opportunities for entertainment and cultural and historical enrichment for tourists from all around the world and all ages. Hands down, each corner and street in New York is worth visiting and iconic enough to attract you, however, if your time in the Big Apple is limited, make sure to cover at least the major highlights including the Museum of Modern Art, a trip to the top of the Rockefeller Center, a view of the Empire States Building, the New York Public Library, a walk in Central Park, a visit to the city’s dazzling entertainment district Times Square.

2. Niagara Falls – The state of New York is a home to not a single or two iconic attractions on the world’s map and the Niagara Falls is yet another perfect example. It is known as the Honeymoon Capital of the World because the Niagara Falls invite you to enjoy a very romantic, memorable, and unique experience. This magnificent and stunning natural attraction is located on the border with Canada and while views from the Canadian side are considered more impressive, the visitors from the American side can enjoy the closest look at the roaring water and the most adventurous ones can even enjoy a boat ride at the base of the falls.

3. Thousand Islands – Yet another wonderful place that is approximately close to the Canadian border is the Thousand Islands, a scenic and picturesque spot floating in the meeting point of the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario. Despite the fact that this beautiful collection of small islands is most popular among the rich and wealthy ones, you can still take your time to explore the natural beauty and charm of the archipelago. A tour of Boldt Castle located in Alexandria Bay is a good start off exploring the area, then you can continue with a boat tour that winds along the river and gives you the opportunity to enjoy some of the most stunning views and scenery.

4. Fire Island – Just off the shore of Long Island is where you can enjoy the stunning beauty of this thin and long barrier island called the Fire Island. The majority of the island houses the Fire Island National Seashore, which was a whaling base in the past, but nowadays offers an enjoyable and very popular seaside getaway. The Fire Island is a great blend of beaches and outdoor fun, but keep in mind that the majority of the attractions are seasonal and close down in wintertime.

5. Hudson River Valley – The Hudson River Valley is this beautiful, picturesque, tranquil, and fertile piece of land extending along the Hudson River from Troy to Albany just north of New York City. The majority of this area is agricultural and will impress you stunning views and idyllic landscapes. Since it is a home to many farms, the Hudson River Valley is definitely a heaven for all foodies, out there, especially the ones who appreciate fresh and bio food the most. While the farmer’s markets are a staple of the region, make sure to spend additional time in touring the local organic farms, wineries, and artisan cheesemakers. Once you are done touring and you generate enough appetite, it won’t be hard to find your next favourite restaurant in the area, choosing from many options and enjoying the stunning rural surroundings no matter where you choose to have a dinner.