North Dakota Travel Destinations

Top 5 Places to Visit in North Dakota

1. Theodore Roosevelt National Park South Unit – Exploring the fantastic wild landscapes of North Dakota should definitely start from Theodore Roosevelt National Park set in the state’s “Badlands”. The national park will impress you with its quirky and unique rock formations that are painted in red, yellow, black, and silver by Mother Nature, as well as the memorable and stunning views in the Badlands. The national park is named after President Roosevelt, who liked to hunt bison in this area, the national park is preserving the USA’s natural resources and Roosevelt’s old cabin that is located next to the South Unit. There you can find an interesting museum where you can learn more about the past of the park. The Theodore Roosevelt’s national park is offering many opportunities for outdoor fun and adventure, including horse riding, hiking, camping, and more.

2. Fargo – Fargo is not only the largest and most populated city in the state but also its cultural and economic hotspot. Fargo is named after its founder Well Fargo Bank. The city was known as the Getaway to the West back in the past and also has a history of a fur-trading port, a “divorce capital”, and a frontier town. Despite the many identity changes, nowadays Fargo is a charming and laidback city and a great place to live in. Although Fargo is not offering a lot of attractions, you can still make sure to visit it and enjoy its relaxed atmosphere.

3. Bismarck – Bismarck is the capital city of North Dakota. Despite the strong urban growth that may add a bit of a soulless and bland vibe to the city, Bismarck is definitely worth visiting, especially its downtown area, which is a great place for hanging out and visiting a bunch of the amazing restaurants, cafes, shops, or the city’s shopping mall. Located in the Great Plains and surrounded by wheat fields, Bismarck is offering some great opportunities for enjoying the nature of North Dakota. In addition, green parks and spaces in the city’s heart are not an exception, so make sure to be prepared for a lot of laidback walks.

4. Grand Forks – Grand Forks is the third largest city in North Dakota, a lively college town with a cosmopolitan and eclectic downtown full of life and energy. Grand Forks also offers some really spectacular views as it is situated on the banks of the Red River of the North. Unfortunately, the city is prone to flooding and it has been revitalized a few times in the past, while the major rebuilt of 1997 was required due to a tragic fire and flood. Grand Forks is a place where you can enjoy a thriving art scene and a lot of wonderful restaurants, some interesting museums, the city’s green spaces, and more.

5. Minot – Minot is nicknamed the “Magic City” because of its really magical and very rapid growth and development since its establishment in 1886. Considered slightly grimy and run-down for now, Minot’s downtown is certainly going to be rejuvenated soon enough and new businesses, shops, and restaurants are springing up in the city lately. Following its former glory, Minot is nowadays continuing to improve. The overall atmosphere in the city is laidback and relaxed, but Minot really comes to live in the period of the fantastic North Dakota State Fair taking place every summer. There are a few nice museums around the town, as well as the Roosevelt Zoo and the Scandinavian Heritage Park with Gol Stave Church as its undoubted highlight.