Arkansas Travel Destinations

Free, inexpensive, budget-friendly, low-cost, economical, bargain – no matter how you describe it, everyone is looking for a great vacation destination without a big price tag. Look no further than Arkansas, the perfect place to spend a thrifty vacation with family or friends, offering a variety of free and inexpensive things to do any time of the year, both indoors and outdoors. Arkansas not only provides a great vacation for a little money, it also has many, many attractions that are free.

Read through our suggestions for more than 100 simple but fun things to do for free and places to play in Arkansas while you’re here. The entire state is blessed with exceptionally well-presented state parks and tiny, empty roads crisscrossing dense forests that let out onto breathtaking vistas and gentle pastures dotted with grazing horses. Mountain towns juke between Christian fundamentalism, hippie communes and biker bars, yet all of these divergent cultures share a love of their home state’s stunning natural beauty.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Arkansas

1. Whitaker Point – There is no doubt why Arkansas is known as the “Natural State” since it offers some of the most spectacular nature landmarks and views in the whole country and the Whitaker Point is yet another great example that has appeared in Disney movies and, even more curiously, also in an article regarding the best places to be kissed. There is no doubt that the majestic and spectacular surroundings and the views that leave you speechless are definitely an inspiring place to be romantic and even make a proposal as the jagged outcrop would tell you since it has seen thousands of them.

2. Roark’s Bluff – Roark’s Bluff towers over the Arkansas skyline to serve some of the most epic views on the globe and the surrounding area is just as stunning and memorable. Make sure to visit the area in autumn when the tree line is painted with the richest tones of red, orange, and yellow by Mother Nature. If you are lucky enough you can also witness two magnificent waterfalls – Roark Bluff Falls and V Notch Falls.

3. Pinnacle Mountain – Towering over 1000 feet over the Arkansas River Valley, Pinnacle Mountain is a natural wonder that should be visited and explored by every outdoor enthusiast. There are two hiking trails that lead to the summit and reaching to the top will reward you with some jaw-dropping, stunning, and breath-taking views. Do not miss to visit the Arkansas Arboretum while you are there and you will enjoy the precious and unique flora of the state.

4. The Old Mill Park, Little Rock – Hidden away in the North Little Rock, the Old Mill Park also known as the T.R. Pugh Memorial Park is a curious and beautiful recreation of a 19th-century grist mill in the tranquil, relaxed, and amazing beauty of the surrounding nature in this area. In fact, this is where the opening scenes of Gone with the Wind were filmed, which makes the mill the only building that remains of the classic piece of cinema history.

5. Petit Jean State Park – Petit Jean State Park is a curious and unique place of wonderful nature where 21 miles of hiking trails will lead you through the unspoiled Arkansas wilderness and bluffs and caves will welcome you to explore them. The Petit Jean Mountain is at the heart of the park.