Mississippi Travel Destinations

The state named for the most vital waterway in North America encompasses, appropriately enough, along the river of identities. Mississippi features palatial mansions and rural poverty. Haunted cotton flats and lush hill country, honey-dipped sand on the coast and serene farmland in the north. Oft mythologised and misunderstood, this is the womb of some of the rawest history – and music – in the country. Today’s Mississippi is a multifaceted landscape of rich history, legendary musical heritage, mouthwatering culinary delights, and adventurous outdoor recreation. From the natural splendour of the Hills region to the mighty Mississippi River to the sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast, Mississippi celebrates diversity and creativity through her people, geography, sights, and sounds. Journey along miles of hiking and biking trails inside the vast acreage of state parks and national forests.

Relish authentic sounds of blues, country, or rock ‘n’ roll in the birthplace of it all along the Mississippi Blues and Country Music Trails. Experience the state’s history by touring antebellum homes during spring and fall pilgrimages. Meander through one of Mississippi’s state-of-the-art museums. Or explore civil rights history along the Mississippi Freedom Trail. Indulge in a little retail therapy at the many antique shops and cosy boutiques on a nearby town square. Dine on Southern classics like fresh Gulf seafood, hot tamales or fried pickles, or one-of-a-kind entrées with a modern twist. Whether you fly or drive to get here, you can celebrate a Mississippi tradition year-round at any of the state’s plethora of festivals and fairs.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Mississippi

1. Windsor Ruins – An amazing destination in Mississippi off the beaten track is definitely the Windsor Ruins that offer a journey back in time to the centuries gone unlike any other tourist attraction in the state. Surrounded by breath-taking scenery, the Windsor Ruins has actually a very turbulent and dramatic history of slavery, war, and disaster. Destroyed by a great fire on 1890 all that remains from the once-grand mansion of the wealthy plantation owner Smith Coffee Daniel II, are the beautiful Greek columns and all the serenity in the world.

2. Doyle Arm, Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge – The Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge is a home to the amazing and diverse wildlife of the state of Mississippi and one of the best and most stunning sceneries in the state. This wildlife refuge park is a feeding area for the migratory species, so the boardwalk at Doyle Arm offers some amazing opportunities for bird watching year-round. In case you are a more adventurous type you can also see Alligators in their natural habitat.

3. Cypress Swamp – Cypress Swamp offers an amazing opportunity for experiencing tranquillity and relaxation. Located inside the Natchez Trace Parkway National Park, Cypress Swamp is a home to an amazing natural beauty that is not easy to be found anywhere in the state of Mississippi. No matter if you choose walking, cycling, or even driving, there is so much to do and enjoy in Cypress Swamp so make sure to visit.

4. Dunn’s Falls – Dunn’s Falls are named after their creator John Dunn and, as you can guess, are a man-made source of power via a working to this date water wheel. The water stream is staring its way from the rugged landscape of the Chunky River later crashing seventy feet into the river below. This natural system offers a more than spectacular and jaw-dropping views. This marvel of 19th-century engineering also offers great opportunities for fishing, canoeing, and even swimming.

5. Friendship Cemetery – Despite its pretty strange name and purpose, the Friendship Cemetery is definitely a must-visit destination in the state of Mississippi. Formerly known as the Odd Fellows Cemetery, this historic resting place surrounded by stunning natural beauty is the last home of thousands of unknown federal and confederate soldiers. The old graves stretch as far as the eye can see and the majority of them are reclaimed by Mother Nature now covered with Southern Magnolias.