Idaho Travel Destinations

Top 5 Places to Visit in Idaho

1. Yellowstone National Park – Yellowstone National Park is, indeed, one of the most popular natural landmarks in the USA and a home to spectacular scenery and plenty of geothermal activity (the Old Faithful erupt is definitely one of the highlights). Yellowstone is not only the most beloved and the first national park in the USA, but also the first national park in the world too. It is a perfect spot for exploring and watching wild animals and buffalo is the ruler of this land. Only one percent of the park is located in Idaho and the rest can be explored in the state of Wyoming.

2. Boise – Boise is the largest city in the state of Idaho and its capital, located in the southwest part of the state. Boise was a stop of the Oregon Trail and part of the Idaho’s Treasure Valley and there is no wonder why since the capital city is a home to an interesting history and culture. In Boise you can learn more about its Basque heritage and visit the annual Gene Harris Jazz Festival.

3. Sun Valley – When looking for the premier ski and winter holiday resort in Idaho. In fact, many celebrities own homes in this area so you can expect Sun Valley to be a world-class quality resort city. Nestled among mountains and providing some amazing views, opportunities for skiing and winter sports, horse riding, golf, hiking, and fly fishing, Sun Valley a year-round popular resort in the state and a popular tourist destination.

4. Craters of the Moon National Monument – Located in southern Idaho is where you can explore the out-of-this-world, lunar landscape of the Craters of the Moon National Monument. The lava formations give this place a very unusual and unique appearance and atmosphere. In addition, this unique place is the best preserved basalt flood areas in the lower 48 states. The Craters of the Moon National Monument resembles the lunar landscape so much that NASA astronauts trained there as they prepared for the moon landing.

5. Shoshone Falls – Do you know that Shoshone Falls located in Twin Falls, Idaho is higher than the certainly more popular Niagara Falls? Now you know it and we would like to visit Shoshone Falls! Dropping from 67 meters height into the Snake River, the Idaho-located waterfall is more than a spectacular thing to watch and admire. The falls were an important fishing and trading center for the Native Americans back in the past.