South Carolina Travel Destinations

Top 5 Places to Visit in South Carolina

1. Charleston – Charleston is the beautiful city with inspiring architecture to go to when in South Carolina. In fact, Charleston is not only one of the most historically valuable cities in the state, but also in the South of the U.S. in general. The natural setting of the city is equally attractive and impressive since the downtown is located on a peninsula formed by two rivers flowing into the Atlantic Ocean and protected from the wide open water by many little islands – the Ashley River and the Cooper River. In case you are interested in exploring American history, you will be interested in visiting the Fort Sumter that is an important Civil War landmark that is accessible by a ferry. Meanwhile, the city offers some incredible highlights including the French Quarter with its beautiful Huguenot Church and a bunch of interesting art galleries, the Market, surrounded by cute shops, chic restaurants, and vibrant nightlife. An amazing and very charming way to explore the city is by a carriage.

2. Myrtle Beach – Myrtle Beach is totally the epitome of a coastal hotspot in South Carolina, visited by more than 14 million tourists every year for its beautiful beaches, turquoise water, and what seems like endless stretches of fine white sand. While the magical sunsets and sunrises are something you definitely don’t want to miss when in Myrtle Beach, there is an abundance of cool attractions just off the shore too. Mini golf courses are definitely entertaining enough to fill up a whole afternoon, along with visiting the Ripley’s Aquarium and a bunch of dinner live theatre performances and shows. The Broadway at the Beach is this vibrant and thriving area of restaurants and bars you should visit after dark.

3. Hilton Head Island – Hilton Head is a barrier island that is just 12 miles long, but it has earned itself a reputation of a hotspot for great restaurants, beautiful beaches, and an abundance of golf courses. The island is located near Savannah, Georgia and offers some really cool outdoor activities, including biking, dolphin watching, and also playing tennis at one of the world’s best and most popular tennis training centres Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center. Despite the fact that a big part of the island is reserved for the private summer homes of the rich and wealthy ones, there are still 9 miles of coastline that allow a public access.

4. Beaufort – Located just off the Intra-Coastal Waterway, the coastal town of Beaufort has a long and turbulent history that dates back to the early 16th century and the Spanish exploration. Nowadays, Beaufort is everything you can expect from the Southern charm and features a bunch of highlights, including a bunch of beautiful historic architecture at Beaufort’s Historic District, the Beaufort History Museum, the antebellum mansion John Mark Verdier House, and more.

5. Greenville – You will enjoy the state of South Carolina for its historic, traditional, and cultural vibe, but the city of Greenville will impress you with its modern and progressive feel and atmosphere. The city is often described as the point where the Modern South and the Old South meet to interact in a beautiful and exciting way. In fact, Greenville boasts a major cultural landscape. When in the city, don’t miss visiting the Greenville County Museum of Art, the Peace Center Theater, where you can catch a touring Broadway show, or the Falls Park on the Reedy, which features a beautiful waterfall and is literary the heart of Greensville, because this is the birthplace of the city itself.