West Virginia Travel Destinations

Top 5 Places to Visit in West Virginia

1. Harpers Ferry – A historic town and a National Historic Park, Harpers Ferry is the site of the abolitionist John Brown’s raid on the Armory during the American Civil War. Harpers Ferry is located approximately close to Washington DC, nestled in the picturesque setting along the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers, and surrounded by the borders of three states – West Virginia, Maryland, and Virginia. The historic town boasts a lot of interesting museums and exhibitions. You can also take advantage of the great hiking opportunities and overlook the Civil War skirmish lines or take a living history workshop.

2. Snowshoe Mountain – When looking for the best skiing options in West Virginia, Snowshoe Mountain is the place to go, because it is the largest skiing area in the state with some premium slopes. Snowshoe Mountain is the state’s highest vertical drop, while the resort is offering plenty of activities besides superb skiing, including lots of lodging and great restaurants nearby, snowboarding, snowcat tours, snowmobiling, touring, indoor pools and hot tubs, mini golfs, arcades, and more. During the summer months, Snowshoe Mountain is highly visited too because of the opportunities for mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, swimming, paddle boarding, and more.

3. New River Gorge – The New River Gorge region is the outdoor recreation capital not simply of the state of West Virginia, but also of the Eastern U.S. The region is highly appreciated for the amazing and very exciting whitewater rafting, mountain biking, hiking and trekking, rock climbing, and skiing opportunities it offers. New River Gorge National River is a part of the area and preserves 53 miles of the New River. The region houses four visitors centres, two of them are seasonal, while the other two operate all year round. Full-service campgrounds along with a bunch of restaurants and accommodations are available in the communities surrounding the park. Make sure to take your time and additionally visit the beautiful and picturesque towns of the New River Highlands.

4. Seneca Rocks – One of the most popular scenic natural attractions in West Virginia, Seneca Rocks are a great destination if you are a hiking and climbing enthusiast. Seneca Rocks are located within the Monongahela National Forest in the Eastern Panhandle and rise with their spectacular height above the North Fork River for some really breath0taking views. The rock formations themselves are equally spectacular with their hues of white and grey Tuscarora quartzite that is extremely thick and located primarily on exposed ridges and crags. The park is mainly popular as the site of the highest point in West Virginia.

5. Cass Scenic Railroad State Park – Case Scenic Railroad State Park is a home to the exciting history and the traditions of the Golden Age of the steam trains. The line was built back in 1901 to transport lumber from the forest to the mill in the area, consisting of cars pulled by the original Shay steam locomotive. The full ride is 4.5 hours and offers some really jaw-dropping views along the way, while the train is climbing grades as spectacular as 11 per cent to reach the Bald Knob far up. In fact, Cass Scenic Railroad State Park is the third highest point in the state of West Virginia, Make sure to visit the Whittaker Station where you can enjoy the recreation of a 1940s logging camp with all the equipment and the living quarters.