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5 Amazing Middle Eastern Cities You Should Visit

As recent reports summarise, the region of Middle East is getting more and more attention and love in recent years with a significant tourism growth and a lot of positive feedback. It seems that people from all around the world simply cannot get enough of all the magical beauty and...


Top 20 Strangest Places in the World – Part 1

We are lucky people to live in the world we live, full of so many extraordinary, beautiful, special, unique, quirky and exciting places that we could visit just in a few hours flight or ride. It is amazing to know that a new adventure awaits around the corner and that...


Top 10 Cities to Visit This Summer

There are so many wonderful places around the globe you want to visit, but be realistic and start with baby steps. You cannot travel the world in one year (or probably you can, then you are very lucky), because of that you need a plan to help you get started...