Colima Travel Destinations

Colima is a laid-back city with blooming subtropical gardens, fine public plazas, a pleasant touch of moisture in the air and the warmest weather in the western central highlands. The city’s university attracts students from around the world, while its growing tourism potential derived from nearby canyons, forests and mountains brings in a small but growing number of visitors. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway or an adventurous journey, you’ll find countless ways to plan your trip precisely to your liking. During your trip, visit the must-see landmarks and revel in the views of the most scenic areas. It’s no wonder why so many adventurers, culture enthusiasts, and restless travellers alike are drawn to this alluring destination.

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Hotels in Colima

Explore the world and experience all its charm and beauty! We help you discover the best hotels in Colima. Whatever you are looking for – splurging on a luxurious accommodation, or getting the deal of convenient family holiday rooms, living the romance of your life in an atmospheric cosy hotel, or experience the adventure of a friendly hostel – we cater for your needs and find the best fit for you!




Pubs & Bars in Colima

Having the time of your life means travelling and having fun at the best and most popular bars, clubs and pubs in Colima! Find out how the locals are having fun and explore some of the most atmospheric and charming bars around with our help! Dance the night away in popular DJ party stops, or sip on a tasty drink in a unique little bar, it is entirely up to you and we promise to find the best fit for you!





Restaurants in Colima

A big part of travelling and experiencing a culture is discovering the local cuisine. We provide you with a comprehensive list of the best restaurants and places to eat out in Colima! From traditional cuisine, through fusion innovations and cutting-edge modern dishes, from the atmospheric and cosy little restaurants dotted around the map, through inspirational places to eat out and luxurious dine-and-wine experience, we got your back and help you experience the tastiest part of your holiday!