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About 30 miles north of the airport, Punta Mita is a ritzy residential and resort area, resting on a hook-shaped piece of land that’s surrounded on three sides by the Pacific Ocean. A few decades back real estate developers chased a village of fishermen off the point at Punta Mita, fenced it off, and turned it into a luxe enclave, now home to upscale hotels, homes, and two of the best golf courses in Mexico (not to mention some of the best surfing waves).

Punta Mita is glamorous, high-end and absolutely gorgeous – but it is removed from the local culture. Driving through the perfectly paved roads lined with beautifully manicured grounds and striking mansions, one might feel as if she is in an upscale residential gated community in the States. Those curious to learn about the Mexican culture will have to leave the Punta Mita security guards in perfectly ironed uniforms behind and explore some of the region’s charming small towns. However, few golf courses in Mexico can compare o Pacifico and Bahia, so well-heeled golfers won’t find a more convenient location than this.

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