Louisiana Travel Destinations

Bordered to the south by the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana is a mix of swampland and farm country as well as a melting pot of French, African and American cultures. Its capital, Baton Rouge, is home to the USS Kidd Navy destroyer, while its largest city, New Orleans, is famous for its colonial-era French Quarter and festive Mardi Gras, a raucous, city-wide party celebrated with colourful parades, loud music and outlandish floats. Louisianans share an appreciation for the good things in life as well as an outspoken enthusiasm for their state’s Creole heritage. Everywhere, the state shares a love for this joie de vivre. We’re not dropping French for fun, by the way, while the language is not a cultural component of North Louisiana, near I-10 and below it is a generation removed from the household – if it has been removed at all.